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1080 Wild Dog Baiting

Wild Dog Baiting 5th June - 16th June 2017

People travelling with pets should ensure they are closely supervised to prevent the accidental consumption of poison baits

For all enquiries, please contact Council’s Rural Lands Officer Russell Hunter on 47473200.*

The wild dog baiting program is undertaken on private properties, and it is a legistalive requirement that all properties using the baits are required to place notices on their gates on any gazetted road leading into the property during the baiting period.

Landowners are also obliged to inform all neighbours within a two kilometre radius that they will be carrying out 1080 baiting on their property and notify any property having frontage to where baits are to be laid.

The signage should include the date baits were laid, contact telephone number, toxin name and target animal.

Mount Isa City Council has a register of every private landholder using 1080 baits but it’s the responsibility of the person travelling on to a property to ask permission from the landholder before entering their property.