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‘Mount Isa: City of Opportunity’ Campaign and Website Launched

Mayor Joyce McCulloch is delighted to today launch a promotional campaign that will let millions of Australians know that Mount Isa is open for business as the City of Opportunity.


Today will see a 30-second television ad broadcast on Channel 9 and 10 affiliated stations covering an area from Cairns in the north to the Sunshine Coast in the south, as well as the Northern Territory and pockets of regional South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.


The ads will be shown regularly over the next couple of months. More detailed, three-minute versions will be available online and will include interviews with several locals, as well as Cr McCulloch.


Also being launched today, to complement the “Mount Isa: City of Opportunity” campaign, is the new informational website, which was designed as a comprehensive and essential “one-stop shop” where people who are, or are planning to or thinking of, moving to Mount Isa will be able to find out all of the essential details they need to know – such as the names and contact details of local childcare organisations, restaurants, schools and sports clubs.


It will also include a business and services directory, events listings and real estate listings, and information about Mount Isa job vacancies and property market, training and education providers, local industries and investment opportunities.


“The information that will be on this website will just be so useful for anyone who’s interested in visiting, living in or investing in Mount Isa. It covers the entire spectrum,” Cr McCulloch said.


“We’ve always known that Mount Isa is a ‘city of opportunity’ – and now we have this campaign to let millions of Australians know it, too. In fact, the TV ad will reach almost 10 percent of the country’s population.


“I look forward to seeing this website grow, evolve and improve over time, and the flow-on effects and benefits that the ‘City of Opportunity’ campaign will bring to our city and community.”


Along with the wonderful residents featured in our videos, representatives of local businesses, industries and organisations attended a pre-launch screening of the new videos held upstairs at the Civic Centre on Tuesday night.