How to apply How to apply



All applicants are shortlisted after the position's closing date. This involves:

  • All applications being read by members of the selection panel;
  • Information provided in each application is compared with the position requirements;
  • Suitability in terms of the position requirements is noted and compared with other applicants; and
  • The most suitable applicants, as determined by the selection panel, are then shortlisted./li>

Shortlisted applicants will then be contacted by phone to arrange an interview.

Skills Testing

Skills testing may be undertaken as a part of the shortlisting process, either prior to an interview or after.  The skills testing may involve computer literacy, typing or other tests that are most suited to the position.

The Interview

All shortlisted applicants are interviewed. If you are one of these you will be required to bring along a copy of your original qualifications and tickets for viewing by the panel. The interview will consist of a series of questions based on the position requirements. You will have the opportunity to explain and expand on the information provided in your application. The selection panel’s task is to establish whether you possess the necessary skills, qualifications and attributes to perform the duties and requirements of the position or in some cases have the potential to acquire these skills within a reasonable time.

Your task is to demonstrate to the selection panel on how well you meet the position requirements and why you are the most suitable candidate for the position. Remember, the interview is a two way process; therefore, as well as the selection panel asking questions, you may ask questions as well.

Dependent upon the position, if you are selected for an in-person interview and live outside of the Mount Isa Region, Council will arrange a Skype interview.

During the interview, it would be preferable if you could provide a firm commencement date should you be successful in obtaining the position.

Preparing for your Interview

Carefully read the Position Description and in particular, the position requirements and functions of the position.

Think of likely questions, which would directly apply to the Position Description.

Pre-Employment Screening

Candidates may undergo other assessments as part of the selection process. Pre-Employment screening may include, but not be limited to; Criminal History checks, Blue Card Validity checks, Right to work in Australia check, Functional Capacity Evaluation Screening and Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol screening checks.  If a position has been identified as requiring applicants to participate in any of these checks, you may be requested to supply 100 points of identification at your interview.

Reference Checking

You will be asked to supply two (2) work-related referees with your application.  The best referees are those that can discuss your previous work experience in line with the position requirements.

Post-Selection - Notification

Both the successful applicant and the unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible after the final decision has been made.


Unsuccessful interviewed applicants may obtain feedback on their application and interview by contacting the Chair of the selection panel.