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Unique merchandise additions to Outback at Isa range

Outback at Isa’s range of merchandise has been expanded into soft and cuddly toys representing the sort of megafauna that used to roam the Riversleigh World Heritage Site millions of years ago.

Visitors can now purchase a Diprotodon stuffed toy in two sizes, as well as a Dromornithidae stuffed toy.

The Diprotodon is the ancient ancestor of the modern-day wombat and stood more than two metres tall, while the Dromornithidae is affectionately nicknamed “Big Bird” – and while it may look like an emu, it’s more closely related to modern-day ducks.

Mount Isa City Council Owned Enterprises Business Manager Donna Olivero said Outback at Isa’s gift shop is now being stocked with items that are relevant to not just Outback at Isa, but also to the Riversleigh World Heritage Site.

“Our customers really like the stuffed toys, particularly for their grandchildren,” Mrs Olivero said.

“They have been very well received – they’ve only been on the shelf for a month and we’ve already had to order more.

“When people visit our centre, they want something specific and relevant to Mount Isa and to Outback at Isa.

“We’ve also created a line of stickers, hat pins and tea towels to fill out the range, in particular for Riversleigh.”

These items feature megafauna images created in-house, drawn by staff member Peta Harrison, as well as derived from the “Dromo the Big Bird and His Fossil Friends” children’s book, which is also available at Outback at Isa’s gift shop.

“We’re also starting to fill out our Hard Times Mine souvenirs, such as traditional crib-room tin mugs with the Hard Times Mine on them,” Mrs Olivero said.

“We’ve just recently started stocking bottle openers with the Hard Times Mine insignia on them as well – they’re copper ingot replicas.

“Visitors like something that’s unique to us, but they like something that’s functional as well.”

She said Outback at Isa is looking at expanding the line of Riversleigh-themed merchandise even more in the future, in time for next year’s tourist season.

PIC: Riversleigh Tour Guide Alan Rackham and Mount Isa City Council Owned Enterprises Business Manager Donna Olivero with the megafauna toys now available at Outback at Isa.