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Queensland Community Achievement Awards

At one month into the Queensland Community Achievement Awards, Council would love for you to nominate an individual, group or organisation that deserves to be recognised for they work that they do. You can even nominate yourself or your organisation, self-nominations are accepted!

Below you will see a list of categories that are open for nominations via Awards Australia, nominations can be completed online, to access the online nomination form please click here

Don’t have the time? No problem, Awards Australia are more than willing to help!

If you are able to provide the following, they can do the rest for you:

  • The nominees first name, last name and organisation if applicable
  • Category you wish to nominate the person/group/organisation into
  • Nominees email
  • Nominees contact phone number
  • Your name, contact number and email address

Awards Australia will then contact your nominee to let them know you have nominated them and have them complete the questions online.

Great prizes are up for grabs, winners will receive $2,500 courtesy of Commonwealth Bank and a magnificent trophy. To find out more about the awards please click here.

Completing a nomination online is easy! Just click here to get started.

Nominations will close on Wednesday 2nd August 2017.