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Mount Isa faces huge unregistered dog problems


With ongoing problems of roaming dogs and frequent attacks, Mount Isa City Council has recently identified more than 1500 unregistered dogs in the city.

The recent Approved Animal Inspection Program unearthed more than 1500 unregistered dogs in during its sweep across the city.

Mayor Joyce McCulloch said Council officers were disappointed to find so many unregistered dogs as they undertook the program, and said the existing problems with responsible animal ownership would not improve unless owners were prepared to comply with the most basic tasks of registering their pets.

“The majority of people understand their pets, they treat them like family members. This program really helps us leverage better outcomes for the collective community when people are not doing the right thing,” Cr McCulloch said.

“If they are lost, they can easily be traced to their owner. If they can’t be bothered registering their animal, they’re likely to let the dogs free and you run into issues of dog attacks.”

Cr McCulloch said the Animal Management Act introduced in 2009 puts great focus on the need for registration for the benefit of both the animals and the community.

"One of the key reasons for the introduction of this legislation was to improve the identification of cats and dogs as a method of reducing the euthanasia rates,” she said.

“If we can identify animals, we get them back home to their owners easily, and this results in less roaming animals, attacks, and unnecessary breeding.

“Its common sense, but we are failing to do this as a community.”

Dog registrations cost from $15 per year, with half price discounts offered yearly during renewal period.

For more information about dog registration and other information relating to dogs, please visit Council's web site http://www.mountisa.qld.gov.au/animal-management