Rate Information Rate Information

Schedule of Rates and Charges

Council rates and charges are levied half yearly.

Property owners should expect to receive their half yearly rate notices in August and February and will be provided 31 days from the date of issue to pay their rates.

Specific information on rates and charges can be viewed in the following Council documents:

Supplementary notices may be issued to property owners at various times during the year to take account of changes in respect to services (for example, water and sewerage services associated with building a new house on vacant land or commencing a garbage service) to their property or to unimproved valuation of their property (as advised by the Queensland State Government).

Proposed issue and due dates for 2016/2017

First Levy (Period July 1,2016 to December 31, 2016)

Issue Date: August 19, 2016

Due Date: September 19, 2016

Second Levy (Period January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017)

Issue Date: February 17, 2017

Due Date March 20, 2017

Council Tip Tokens

Where can I find my Council Tip Tokens?

Council issued Tip Tokens can be found on the third page of your rate notice as shown below.

Example of Rates Notice Third Page


Water Rates

Water Entitlement

Water Charges shall be assessed by the Council upon all land and premises within the water area regardless of whether you are connected to the water supply or not. The basis of charges shall be on a unit basis in accordance with the classification of land as described in the attached schedule BUDGET 2016-2017 FINANCIAL YEAR RATES AND GENERAL INFORMATION BROCHURE

For residential Properties, Council currently allocates 900 kilolitres of water per household with a further 50 kilolitres for the upkeep of the footpaths. This equates to approximately 2.6 kilolitres per day or 18 kilolitres per week.

Water Consumed Over You Allocated Entitlement

Water consumed over your yearly allocated entitlement is charged at $2.60 per kl or part thereof for Domestic, Body Corporate/Group Title & Commercial properties. Council will issue a Water Notice if your water usage is above your yearly allocated entitlement.

Water Notice

A Water Notice will be issued to property owners that have a water usage above their yearly allocated entitlement. Property owners will be given 31 days from the date of issue to pay their water notice. If you are unable to pay your water notice in full by the due date, Council will allow you to pay the outstanding water notice amount by approved regular installments. A Payment Commitment Application will need to be submitted in writing to Council. 

Example of Water Notice Front Page

Overdue Rates and Charges, Water Notices, Supplementary Notices and Interest Charges

Unpaid Rates and Charges, Water Notices and Supplementary Notices are considered overdue and therefore recoverable by Council on expiry of the designated due dates on the notice.

Compounded interest at a rate of 11% per annum will be charged on all overdue rates and charges, fire levies, water notices and supplementary notices. Interest will be charged from thirty-one (31) days after the due date until the date of payment. 

If Council does not receive payment for rates under the Local Government Act 2009, Council has the right to recover rates through sale of land.

All approved payment commitments will incur interest on the outstanding amount owing until paid in full.