Assessment Decision Assessment Decision

Successful Applicants

  • You will receive written notification once the recommendations have been approved by Council.
  • You will receive a Letter of Offer specifying what the funding is being allocated for and any special considerations that may apply. This will include two copies of a letter of acceptance (one copy to sign and return to Councils RADF Liaison Officer / the other copy to keep for your reference).
  • Your signed letter of offer will need to be returned to Council before your funding can be allocated to you.

There are some other general conditions relating to the receipt of RADF funding such as:

  • Wherever possible, all funded activities must begin within the financial year of the receipt of funding.
  • Grants that are withdrawn for a project that is unduly delayed will need to reapply the following year. 

Information for Successful Applicants

Goods and services tax (GST)

If you or your entity has an Australian Business Number (ABN) and is registered for GST, your funding will be grossed up by 10% to cover the GST liability. If you or your entity has an ABN but is not registered for GST, any funding paid will not include a GST component.

Invoice and payment

Councils preferred payment option is via electronic funds transfer, please arrange for an invoice to be issued to Council for processing of your grant fund.

Variations to the project

Sometimes circumstances change and you cannot carry out your activity exactly as described in your application. When this occurs, you MUST:

  • notify the RADF Liaison Officer in writing or by email;
  • receive approval of any change before commencing your activity.

The Mount Isa City Council can;

  • approve the changes;
  • request that you complete a new application form;
  • ask you to return the funds and re-submit your application in the next round.
  • by both the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the recipient.

Please note: If you change your application without approval, Council may request that the funds be returned.

Unsuccessful Applicants

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing and will have the opportunity to request feedback on their application.