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Please look here for all forms relating to animal management.

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Animal Registration, Renewal or Change Details
Apply to register a new cat or dog, renew their registration or change their registration details.
Animal Surrender Form
Complete and submit this form if you wish to surrender your animal to Mount Isa City Council.
Application for Authorisation for Keeping More Than 2 Dogs - V 2
Application for Change Of Ownership of Cat or Dog
Apply to transfer the ownership of your cat or dog to a new owner.
Application for Restricted Dog Permit & Renewal
Apply to keep a restricted dog or renew an existing permit.
Application For Review Of Local Government Decision
Apply if you wish to appeal a Mount Isa City Council decision.
Application To Register A Horse Stable
Apply to register a horse stable at your property.
Authorisation for Breeding Dogs or Cats
Apply for authorisation to breed your dog or cat or change the details of your current permit.
Conditions Of Animal Breeding Permit
These are the conditions that apply to authorised permits for breeding dogs and cats.